Immediate Needs

The O’Brate Foundation will consider, on an individual basis, addressing immediate needs for youth (ages 17 - 25)  in order to create a stable living environment and help them continue their education/career goals. The Immediate Needs application must be started by an adult sponsor which includes: teachers, school counselors, DCF Case Managers, or other qualifying professionals.  For more information and to apply for Immediate Needs Assistance as an Adult Sponsor, please visit Us.


Kansas Youth ages 17 - 25:

* Who have been in foster care and are transitioning independent living .
* Who have limited resources and/or an immediate need which has created an unstable or unsafe living condition.



The O’Brate Foundation invites youth with limited resources who are pursing higher education to apply for a scholarship. We are committed to helping these youth attain their personal goals and become successful members of society. The regular scholarship applications for the 2017-18 school year are closed.
Applications for 2018-19 school year will open in Feb. 2018.

For more information and to apply for scholarships, including Summer and Dual Credit,visit us.